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 Happy New Year

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PostSubject: Happy New Year   Happy New Year EmptyTue 05 Jan 2010, 12:55 pm

Hi All - I hope everyone had a great holiday. I was curious where we stood as a team - I know some people have left and we decided to defer the team giveaway until February. Can someone give a general update as to what's happening next? Thanks to all members and their past hard work and hoping that we can move along in 2010.

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Hannah (PZ Designs)

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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year   Happy New Year EmptySat 09 Jan 2010, 8:06 pm

I am back from the holidays and trying to catch up. It appears that very few of us have posted in the last few weeks.....Since it has been the holidays, I'm assuming this won't be held against us! However, we should be posting at least once a week now!

I have picked two winners for the December giveaway, and neither one has replied to me. Hmmm. I will try for a third, hopefully today, and maybe this person will reply! Has anyone else had this problem? I think we need to require entrants to post a reply email address on every post. I didn't like hunting the internet for an address....

If we are continuing the monthly giveaways, we should start brainstorming on new ways to advertise. I got more hits/sales by posting that I was having an earring sale than I did for being a part of the giveaway. Also, threadkillers seem to bring in the same couple of people. It does help keep the Etsy thread alive, but so far the same person has won my earrings.....

And new people get a little bit of slack, but only for a couple weeks! If you joined this team, you should have read the team rules and you need to participate! This includes finishing your giveaway lists (posting about the giveaway on internet sites), posting to this forum, and promoting us on Etsy when a new thread is created! The point of this team is for support and help in promoting us all on Etsy! If everyone helps, then we all benefit with less work. Otherwise, all of us lose out when only a couple of us are working hard!

So let's start this new year off better and have everyone who is part of this team participate!
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Happy New Year
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